Top 5 Travel Destinations For Fall

If you didn’t get to travel this summer, don’t think you have to wait another year to get your vacation time in. Autumn has a lot to offer the savvy traveler, and you can take advantage of many travel sites’ end-of-summer deals to save on fall vacations. Whether you want to plan a short weekend away or a longer excursion, here are five of the top destinations for the season.

1. Munich

Why not make this the year you finally go see what Oktoberfest is really like? Head to Munich during the last two weeks of September to experience Oktoberfest for yourself. The world-famous beer festival takes place at a fairground in Theresienwiese, southwest of the Munich central station. There are large tents with beer and food, as well as carnival rides and games. Be sure to arrive early in order to get a seat in one of the beer tents!

2. Machu Picchu

So many of us have always dreamed of seeing the famous Inca ruins at Machu Picchu. If you’re ready to finally make your dream a reality, fall is the perfect time to go. In Peru it will be springtime, so temperatures will be warm enough to be pleasant, but not too hot. You’ll also make it there before tourist season really hits, which means it won’t be too crowded. Plus, websites like often run end-of-summer or fall promotions on travel to South America. You can also use a coupon to make the trip even more affordable.

3. New England

As a last-minute weekend getaway, New England is a great choice for its spectacular fall foliage. Make a road trip of it, and enjoy the colorful scenery as you drive along the leaf-lined country roads of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. The beginning of October is the best time to go. In Vermont, the Green Mountain Inn is a good place to stay, and if you’re staying in New Hampshire, check out the White Mountain Hotel. You can find these hotels and more at

4. Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands attract tourists all year round, but fall is a special time there. Every November the islands celebrate the annual Pirates Week Festival. There are street performers, food and drink, music, games, and fireworks. You can also take part in the usual activities that make the Cayman Islands such a great destination – go snorkeling or scuba diving in the crystal clear water, see attractions like Stingray City, and just enjoy the natural beauty of the islands.

5. Santorini

Fall is the best time to visit the Greek island of Santorini. The weather will still be warm, but not hot, and you can enjoy a sea breeze from the patio of your hotel. The fall season also sees fewer tourists in Santorini, which means you’ll have more peace and quiet to enjoy the views and perhaps take a look at the island’s historical sites. Go in early October, and all the tourist amenities (like hotels and restaurants) will still be open. is a good place to search for deals on plane tickets to Santorini.

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