Toshiba KIRAbook Review: Introducing the Newest Luxury Laptop

Move over Apple! Toshiba has introduced the KIRAbook - a new luxury PC laptop to rival the highest-end MacBook Pro laptops with a sleek design and stunning screen. By introducing the KIRAbook to the marketplace, Toshiba now has a computer to compete with other luxury PC models from Alienware, Acer, and HP, not to mention a convincing offering to win a few Mac users to the Windows side of life.

The first thing users will notice about the Toshiba KIRAbook is the high-resolution PixelPure display. Toshiba has packed 221 pixels per inch into the 2560 x 1440 screen giving the 13.3-inch monitor nearly double the fidelity of most Windows notebooks on the market. Additionally, the KIRAbook breaks away from the industry standard by utilizing the 16:9 aspect ratio we have come to love at the movies. For a small upgrade, you’ll also get a 10-point high-definition touchscreen display allowing you to stay up on the latest trend in user experience.

Though few programs demand such high-resolution at this time, expect to see software manufacturers, designers, and other computer makers joining the trend. Once your eyes lay sight on one of these razor-sharp screens, you’ll have a difficult time looking at pixelated text, photos, movies, or games ever again. Couple that with incredible built-in Harmon Kardon speakers, and you’ll have an entertainment experience no other laptop can deliver.

For most users, the base model will provide plenty of power. These ultra light, sleek laptops come with an Intel Core i5-3337U (1.8GHz) processor and quick 256 GB solid-state hard drive. More demanding users, however, can upgrade to a 2.4GHz Intel Core i7 processor delivering even more speed.

That extra processing power and true-to-life display will come in handy when you run Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 and Adobe Premiere Elements 11 photo and video editing software – both of which come installed as full-version programs along with Windows 8. These visual-intensive programs complement the PixelPure display giving you a taste of the future of computing.

The Toshiba KIRAbook comes with an extended two-year warranty and customer service. Customers receive complimentary 24x7 phone support, rapid repair, and annual tune-ups included with the cost of the computer. That way, if anything goes wrong, you have the peace of mind knowing that Toshiba is there to help. Toshiba even tosses in a free two-year subscription to industry-leading security products from Symantec. Keep your computer and your files safe with Norton Internet Security, Norton Anti-Theft, and 25 GB of Norton Online Backup.

Toshiba has managed to pack all these features into a computer that looks great and weighs less than four pounds (some models manage to slip in under three pounds!). This is made possible by the use of stylish AZ91 pressed magnesium alloy, which cuts the computer’s weight way down while providing a material 100% stronger than traditional aluminum alloy. Even though the KIRAbook is less than .75 inches thick, you can feel confident taking this rugged machine wherever you go.

The standard KIRAbook starts at $1,599, and comes in at just under $2,000 when you select all the upgrades. Be sure to check for a Toshiba KIRAbook coupon to bring down the price and get a great deal.

Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display may have ushered in a new wave of high-performance, high-resolution laptops, but the Toshiba KIRAbook is the first to bring the emerging trend to the PC market. As bandwidth continues to increase and software developers begin to unlock the power of these new luxury laptops you’ll be sitting at the front of the class with a brand new KIRAbook.

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