Travel on Megabus for a Low Cost Adventure

I was recently visiting my parents in Dallas and got in touch with a buddy from college who was still living in Austin, where we both went to school. This was on a Thursday and it turned out he was having a bachelor party that Saturday night. I told him I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Now all I had to do was book a flight.

I soon found out booking a flight on such short notice was going to be pretty pricey, even on a “budget” airline. My dad suggested I take a bus, so I checked into it and am very glad I did, because I then discovered Megabus. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a relatively new bus service that is uber-affordable. And I do mean uber.

Here’s a little comparison chart I whipped up to show how at I arrived at my decision to take Megabus rather than fly or borrow a car from my parents and drive myself. The prices are for a round trip (the driving price is for gas) and the total travel time includes check-in.

No need to write an algorithm for this, it’s pretty clear that Megabus was the way to go. The price difference between Megabus and driving isn’t huge, but then Austin and Dallas are only 200 miles apart. But on Megabus, I got to sleep and get some work done on my laptop. If I would’ve done that while driving myself, the results could have been deadly.

Here are some other advantages of Megabus:

  • Megabus has free Wi-Fi, the airline didn’t.

  • Megabus has no baggage fees, the airline does.

  • Megabus has comfy seats, airplanes do not.

  • Megabus has no long TSA lines.

  • Megabus has at-seat plug ins for my devices, airplanes do not

  • Megabus has panoramic windows, airplanes have teeny ones.

  • Megabus is a greener way to travel than taking a plane.

Want more advantages? How about some visual ones?

View from Megabus:

View from airplane:

Case closed. My booking process and my travel with Megabus were both simple and uneventful. Here’s a video from Megabus that shows how everything works. Good luck finding an airline that would do the same for you.

In conclusion, I had a great trip, a great time at the bachelor party, and I saved a bundle. You can save even more when you use a Megabus promo code. Will I take Megabus again and recommend it to everyone I know (except for my enemies)? You bet.

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By: Peter

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