How to Travel Across the US for Under $75

The amazing business model of Megabus makes traveling across the country more affordable than ever before. It is literally a fraction of the price of paying for gas or purchasing alternative fares. Travel to and from hundreds of destinations in the US, Canada, or Europe for as little as 1-25 dollars, depending on how far you book in advance. 

The Megabus search engine only lets you search for routes in the surrounding areas. But is it possible to travel from one side of the country to other, using only the rock bottom prices at Megabus? The answer is: yes, if you are going vertically from south to north or vice versa. Most of the Megabus routes in the United States are on the East Coast. So, we are going to plan a trip from Orlando, Florida to Toronto, Canada. This trip could have been easily altered to include different North American cities.

Orlando to Atlanta

To ensure that I get as low a rate as possible, I want to book well in advance of the trip. Note that at the bottom of my trip results, there is a place where I can quickly change the days back and forth, to see if there is a less costly day to travel. Check different dates to find the best deal for you. There may even be an emptier bus with more seats for $18 as soon as the next day.

A quick search on the Megabus website indicates that I can travel from the Sunshine State to the birthplace of Coca-Cola in about a month from now, for about $18 one way. If I wait five more days, I can go for as low as $7. According to Google Flights, a one-way air ticket for the same journey a month in advance would have been $105.

Atlanta to Charlotte

Even though an extra sandwich would be nice, I am going to splurge and purchase the ticket for $18. It will take 8 hours and 15 minutes, with infrequent stops. There should be restrooms and Wi-Fi on the bus, but I will have to bring my own snacks. The bus is scheduled to arrive in Atlanta around ten in the evening, giving me ample time to locate lodging.

After a few days of clubbing in the A, I should be ready to continue my tour of the US to Charlotte, North Carolina. Spending the weekend in Atlanta was great, but now its time to relax on a 4 hour and 15 minute bus ride to Charlotte, also known as the Gem of the South. There I will see amazing sights like the Duke Energy Center and the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The Megabus ticket will cost $19.

Charlotte to Washington D.C.

Charlotte is a great time and all, but I’ll head out to the nation’s capital the next day anyway. From Charlotte, it is a $36 hop, skip, and a jump to Washington D.C., on a Megabus trip that is scheduled to take 7 hours and 40 minutes. The Megabus drivers are not well-known for their punctuality, but the ticket still costs less than a cab ride from the hotel to the station.

The capital is a great place to visit on any tour of the United States, especially for students, and people interested politics. There I can see Georgetown University, the Pentagon, the White House, the Washington Monument, and other historic landmarks. Not only that, but I have made it from the Deep South to the Northeast for less than $75 in transportation costs.

Theoretically, after this, it will be possible to continue my journey on Megabus through the key points East -- Philadelphia, New York -- before winding my way Midwest -- Detroit, Chicago -- and ending up in Toronto, Canada. But really, the destination depends on the person traveling.

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