Traveling Green is Good

Expedia, the acknowledged masters of online travel planning, makes a green getaway as easy and affordable as any other. Their site actually provides a one-stop green guide for booking that type of vacation with their “A Traveler’s Guide to Going Green” page that includes tips that will make any trip be more rewarding. Some of these include:

  • Learn as much as possible about your destination’s history, customs, and natural environment.

  • Pack light and responsibly, avoiding any un-needed packaging. Don’t bring things that will thrown away once you get there; toothpaste boxes, for example.

  • Stay in hotels that are certified green and have written procedures for environmental impact, employment, and cultural policies. (Use the Expedia “Green Hotels” page as a resource).

  • When possible, minimize your carbon impact by looking for alternative transportation that don’t require fossil fuels.

  • Buy local products and services, avoiding products made from threatened natural resources.

  • Just as you would at home, respect the native environment and reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Now some words about carbon offsetting. Air travel puts carbon dioxide into the air, and that’s the way it goes. But, that’s not all there is to it. A commitment to carbon offsets is an important part of green travel at Expedia. They’ve partnered with the organization TerraPass, which has created carbon offset bundles based on the distance you fly.

When booking a flight, simply scroll down to the “Travel Accessories” section of your trip customization page and add a TeraPass to it. This offsets your carbon footprint by funding wind farms and capturing methane from landfills. You can even add a TerraPass to flights you’ve previously taken.

Expedia offers great green vacation packages such as “Costa Rica Quest,” “Roam Bangkok to Singapore,” “Delhi to Kathmandu Adventure,” and many more. Book one using an Expedia coupon code and see how good saving green while traveling green can make you feel.

By: Peter

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