Trend to Try--Bird Prints

As someone who is constantly on the lookout for trends, I have come across a new favorite style that is perfect for spring – bird prints! They’re popping up everywhere, and they’re ideal for bringing a little bit of whimsy to an outfit. Don’t worry if you’re not into going avian-crazy with bold prints – test out a cute pair of robin stud earrings or a subtle scarf with feathered friends on it. Just don’t wait to try out this hot know fashionistas flock towards great trends (get it?).

Jungle Call Cardigan

This adorable sweater from URBANOG is super fun, and the colors are great for a brunch out with the girls or a shopping trip. It’ll bring out the jungle girl in you.

Tropic Paradise Dress

Sticking with the tropical theme, you’d be hard pressed to find a more quirky dress than this parrot print style from URBANOG. If you want a break on the $37 price tag, just use a discount code at checkout.

Two-In-One Infinity Scarf

Target’s bird scarf is colorful, yet not too over-the-top. The best part is that you can wear the two scarves separately, making the $14.99 price tag a steal!

Midkini Two-Piece Swimsuit

Another great find from Target is this fun, bright swimsuit. The pieces are sold separately, but paired together, they make for one sexy suit.

Mossimo Bird Print Wallet

Maybe you don’t want to shout your bird love from the treetops – that’s okay, just get this classic and cool wallet for just 13 bucks.

Racerback Print Bird Dress

This dress from Forever 21 is a great option for gals that aren’t all that into color. It’s playful without being too cheery. Plus, you can pair it with boots and a jacket until the weather gets a little warmer.

Stroke of Genius Dress

ModCloth has some fabulous bird-print designs, and this dress is just one of them. I’m officially obsessed with the houndstooth-looking print (which gives it an elegant air). This would be perfect for an outdoor wedding or fancy luncheon.

Nest to Impress Necklace

Another classy find from ModCloth, this necklace has a fantastic Victorian charm to it. And it’s only $13.99!

Day After Day Dress in Aviary

If you’re looking for a dress that Grace Kelly would have worn to a garden party, this ModCloth frock is it. If you’re apprehensive about the $99 price tag, just use a discount code for some serious savings!

Steal the Show Top

Want something with bird-print that you can actually wear to work? This ModCloth blouse has cute details and bright colors that can help display your vibrant personality. Like the name of the top, you might just steal the show when you wear it.

Hope this gives you some inspiration to go out there and tackle this bird-crazy trend!

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