Tuesday: The Best Day of the Week to Shop

Smart shoppers already know about the best sales of the season, but do you know when to find the best deals year-round? The experts have weighed in, and you may be surprised. Tuesdays offer the lowest price of the week! 

According to SumAll, a leader in retail data insights, consumers should head online to shop mid-week. In fact, the biggest savings fall on Tuesdays with Thursdays placing a close second and the weekend showing a sharp decline in deals. Contrary to when the best deals can be found, however, customers are shopping more frequently and spending more on other days. SumAll also found that shoppers buy the most expensive items on Mondays and more total units are sold on Fridays. 

From the perspective of a retailer, it makes sense to offer the best prices on slow shopping days. These terrific Tuesday prices help incentivize shoppers and keep business booming throughout the week. On the consumer side of things, all that knowledge is power. By knowing when to shop, you can save the most. 

Next time you’re checking out a new cute outfit or hot-tech-gizmo on the weekend, bookmark it and save it for Tuesday. A little patience will pay off big in the long run! When you have your shopping list ready and the day to buy comes, head over to CouponPal.com to get the latest deals. That way you can double up on savings by getting a discount on an already low price. 

By: CouponPal

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