Turn Family Memories Into Movies!

This Mother’s Day, my son and daughter story wrote a song for my wife that said how great she was, and how much they loved her. Very sweet. It also included a dance that went along with it. Before they performed it, my daughter told me to video it so we would always remember it, because “sometimes we forget things but videos remind us.”

My wife had bought me PowerDirector 11 for my birthday (using a Cyberlink coupon code) to give me an incentive to finally edit all of our home video into actual movies. She realized that if I had a new “toy” to play with, I’d use it. So, I did. It didn't take long to figure out and was very easy to make cuts, add effects, add music, etc.

Basically, just hook up your camera to your computer and start the program. It recognizes your camera and then you import the video. Then the real fun begins as you drag clips into the timeline to get started. I’m an amateur so I looked around and found these great tips on how to create better movies on Cyberlinks’s website:

  • Tell a Story: In pictures or dialog, a good story makes all the difference

  • Get Organized: Keep your files and folders sorted on your hard drive

  • Set the Pace: A video is like a song, it needs a rhythm

  • Save Your Progress: Save, save, save and save again

  • Be Precise: Make professional edits with precise keyframe controls and trim tool

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Cut: A good idea in principle might not fit the final mold

  • Keep It Simple: Don’t overdo the fancy wipes

  • Spend Time on Your Soundtrack: Complement your production with music and sound effects

  • Be Creative: Apply the final touches with creative Blu-ray and DVD menus

  • Get Social: Upload your videos to social video websites including YouTube

Guess what? These worked and the “Mother’s Day Song” is now officially a great music video. Besides following those tips, a really helpful feature of Power Director was its Content-Aware Editing. It analyzes your footage and fixes things like shakiness and bad lighting, making the whole thing look way more pro. You can see a demo of how it works here. Pretty amazing.

I can’t help but think how much of a kick my children’s children are going to get watching their parents sing and dance and jump around when they were kids. Memories fade or disappear, movies don’t. Don’t let all your videotapes decay, or lose digital files, before turning them into something that can be enjoyed over and over again.

By: Peter

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