U-Haul: Packing in Unexpected Savings

I just had the fortune to move into a new pad. Now, I’m all for transition and getting settled, but actually arranging for and making the change – that’s a different story. Thankfully, I had pretty much everything I needed in storage and just needed to take care of getting from point A to B.

I went online to book a U-Haul van. My brother had just driven one of his trucks cross-country with way more stuff than I have, so I felt confident going straight to them. I needed a one-way rental with enough room for a one-bedroom apartment loaded with furniture, and I only gave two-days notice. Luckily, there were tons of options available in my area. I selected a larger one than I imagined needing for just $5 more to be safe.

When I got to checkout, I kept my eyes open for a coupon code box like the vigilant I’ve become. To my surprise, I couldn’t find one! I nearly stopped everything and began looking for other rental companies, but the price seemed fair and I just wanted to cross it off my long to-do list. I punched in my info, selected to be contacted by email, and booked a van.

I promptly received a message with the details of my booking. I’m glad I did because my pick-up location had changed. I decided to give U-Haul a call and see what they could do for me.

Customer service answered my call surprisingly quickly. I explained my situation and asked if they could relocate my pick-up reservation. The operator attempted to rework my booking, and explained that the vehicle I desired was not available where I wanted it. I nonchalantly asked if they could give me a discount to offset the hassle.

Not only did the technician look up a 20% discount for me – he did it in the most humorous way imaginable. He signed me up for a new van at a lower price, canceled my prior booking, made the last booking he needed to fill his quota for the day with 30 minutes to spare (his admission), and put the reason for knocking a few bucks off the price as “user sympathetic to 3-legged dogs!” I wish I could make this up!

Feeling on top of the world about my experience, I went back to U-Haul’s website and used the money I saved to book movers to unpack the van for me! I’ve never made an easier move.

So what did I learn? If you can’t find a cost-cutting coupon code online, try to contact customer service by phone or live chat to ask for a discount. Ask and you shall receive.

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