Water Doesn’t Suck After All

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Sugar is the biggest problem, quickest solution, strongest craving, and bestest frenemy I have in my life. Welcome to America, right? Whether it’s soda, chocolate, ice cream, or even regular meals with sugar-heavy sauces, we all have our own ongoing battle with this sweet adversary.

My preferred sugar came in the form of fruit juice. Juice that was so heavily sweetened, it hardly resembled the fruit on the front the of the bottle from which it came. Once your body becomes reliant on a consistent intake of something, especially something sinister, it’s practically impossible to just give it up cold turkey. When I tried to cut out sugar, it wasn’t as dramatic or extreme as other addictions. My only indicator that there was even an addiction at all was how my mood would immediately take a negative turn if I wasn’t given my daily fix. I’d start to feel anxious even. What I needed was to switch to water. But WATER SUCKS. It’s so meh and boring and plain. Especially compared to juice – which is just a sugary party of fun with every sip.

What I needed first was a transition aid. I needed something to fill the void that sugary juice left behind, something that would satisfy me enough to get me over the struggle hump and into safe, sugar-free territory, for good. So I tried teas and I tried zero-calorie drinks with artificial sweeteners and those were fine, but they weren’t great. They tasted like the diet versions of the things I really craved, and that just bummed me out.

Then one day, everything changed.

I happened to be in Whole Foods and I found something called Hint Water. It claimed to be flavored water with zero calories and zero artificial ingredients. What the WHAT? In my mind, the claim was bold, but it couldn’t possibly taste good. Water is boring. And it is never going to be enough to get me through the sugar detox phase. But then somehow, it was enough.

The flavors are outstanding and different (honeydew-hibiscus, cucumber, watermelon – YUM), and more importantly, they are refreshing. I’m not reminded with each sip that I’m settling for something mediocre. It is a positive choice, not a disappointing compromise.

I needed to make sure I had this water with me at all times. I tried making my own version to save some money, but I didn’t really have the time, patience, or resources to get it exactly how Hint had been making it. A trip to Whole Foods is typically a limited luxury shop for me, if anything. I can’t afford to buy all of my groceries there. They offered a price break on the water if I wanted to buy a 12-pack. But still, I wasn’t ready to spend the $18 per pack that they were charging. Plus, 12 bottles weren’t going to last me a month.

I was determined to find them for a cheaper price, whether by finding a Hint Water coupon code or some other deal. The other local grocery stores didn’t carry Hint, so I checked their website to see how much they’d charge to ship it to me directly. It was about $24 with free shipping per 12-pack. No thanks.

As with pretty much all of my shopping choices though, I figured I’d have better luck with Amazon. And I did! Amazon offers every flavor of Hint water as part of their Subscribe & Save program. Each 12-pack is about $16, but with Subscribe & Save, I get them for just over $13 with free shipping. I can also have them automatically shipped to me each month without placing an order each time. I looked for a Hint Water coupon code, but unfortunately I didn’t find anything I could use. But with the ridiculously reasonable cost compared to the other stores, my wallet was pretty happy in the end, even without a coupon.

One month later, I’m drinking Hint Water every day, and I haven’t had a drop of juice. I guess water doesn’t suck after all.

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