Ways to Save Money: Prepare Your Own Will

My wife had been on my case for months about creating a Will and while I agreed we needed one, I just hadn’t gotten around to it. I guess I was worried about the hassle and the cost. Whatever the reason, I finally sat down to do some research and immediately found Rocket Lawyer, which provides do-it-yourself online legal forms.

SPOILER ALERT! Before I give you the details, I’ll reveal the happy ending: I created a Will using Rocket Lawyer. The cost? Free. The hassle? It only took fifteen minutes.

First, I found the form I needed (Free Will - Parent with Minor Children) then clicked the “Make Document” button. I was then guided through filling it out, step by step. Just like their website says, I was able to create a Will that addressed all of my needs:

  • Established who would get our assets
  • Designated who would carry out the Will
  • Assigned guardians for our children

It was interesting to find out that besides property and money, I was also asked who should get control of our “digital assets.” I was told these include “email accounts, blogs, social-networking websites, online backup services, photo and document sharing websites, financial and business accounts, domain names, virtual property, and computer files.”

Like I said, the whole thing was free and took about fifteen minutes. I would’ve finished sooner but I didn’t have all of the info when I started filling out the forms, so I had stop, get the info, then continue. Luckily, the way Rocket Lawyer has it set up, I was able to start where I had left off.

Rocket Lawyer does tons more than just Wills. For example, I’ve been thinking about incorporating since my wife and I run a small business out of our home. They have forms for that that I now plan on using, saving me the expense of having to go through a lawyer.

They also have forms for:

  • Contracts & NDAs
  • Labor & employment
  • Corporate compliance
  • Independent contractors
  • Divorce
  • Accidents & injuries
  • Automotive
  • Identity theft
  • Real estate
  • Intellectual property
  • Taxes & audits
  • Bankruptcy
  • Loans & debts

Plus, they offer membership plans (discounts are available here) which can get you H&R Block tax service savings, unlimited legal documents, access to actual lawyers, online document editing, and secure document storage. Have a look at this video in which Rocket Lawyer talks about all they can do for you.

We all they have to offer at such reasonable prices, or even for free, we will most definitely be paying Rocket Lawyer many more visits in the future for any legal needs we may have.

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By: Peter

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