What 7 Top Computer Programs Would Be For Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching, and many sites are offering suggestions for costumes. All of those posts got us thinking - what would our favorite computer programs dress up like for the holiday? Read on for our ideas (and feel free to use them as inspiration for your own costume!).

1. Illustrator = Painter

The Illustrator program (from Adobe) is pretty much key to anyone doing graphic or web design. We’re huge fans of its large selection of fonts and ability to create awesome pics. The program also comes with unique tools, like Sketch, Line, and Draw, which gives you ultimate control over the graphic you’re producing. Illustrator would be a painter for Halloween, with a smock and a palette of paints to carry around for effect.

2. Adobe Photoshop = Fairy Godmother

Although celebrities are probably the number one fans of Photoshop (bye, bye wrinkles), anyone who works on editing photos can see the many benefits it offers. Photoshop would definitely be a Fairy Godmother - it makes everything beautiful and erases any flaws! The costume would include a poofy skirt, white wig, and magical wand (one that gets rid of cellulite, naturally!).

3. Norton = Cop

Norton is clearly the number one crimefighter, so a cop costume is pretty perfect. Since Norton programs can protect you and your family from cyber criminals, viruses, and malware, you’re going to want to have them in your corner. With Norton Security, you can keep your computers, smartphones, and tablets safe and give yourself a little peace of mind. Norton would dress up as a traditional cop in blue (complete with a pair of handcuffs in case any cyber baddies show up).

4. VMWare = Two-Face from Batman

Even though Batman’s Two Face was a villain, VMWare is actually our hero. VMWare does have two sides though, since it’s compatible with both PCs and Macs. Their Fusion program allows you to work with both types with no problems! You can even access all of your Windows programs on your Mac without ever having to reboot your system. VMWare would rock some killer makeup to simulate the Two-Face mask. Want to take advantage of all VMWare has to offer? Use a discount at checkout for savings that will have both of your faces smiling!

5. Kaspersky = Doctor

If you have a virus, you need to be diagnosed and treated by Kaspersky. Their programs can help protect you against further infections (from viruses, malware, etc.), and help your PC function quickly and efficiently. You’ll even get instant safety checks on files, applications, and websites. To keep your computer safe and healthy, Kaspersky is the answer. They’ll rock some scrubs, a lab coat, and a stethoscope to pull off that doctor look.

6. Carbonite = Superman

Need a program that can protect you from all the bad out there? What about one that saves all your precious data? Well, Carbonite does just that, making it our own personal Superman. Their cloud backup means you never have to worry about your information getting lost - so you can protect everything from your financials to your pictures. Of course, no Superman costume would be complete without some tights and a cape.

7. Cyberlink = Movie Director

Any good movie director knows that it’s all about the editing to help a final project come together. Cyberlink has programs that allow you to edit videos or photos with tools that can assist you in creating your masterpiece. Cyberlink would probably wear a beret and carry around a slate to mark each take on the set. But no matter what they wore, they’d still be one of the top-notch editing programs around!

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