Sheldon Cooper, Make a Friend Day, Inventors’ Day, and My Friend’s Birthday

What do all these have in common? Bazinga! Many, many things. Well, at least 7, tangentially. Let me enumerate:

  1. 1. My friend is a big “Big Bang Theory” and Sheldon fan.
  2. 2. My friend’s birthday, National Make a Friend Day, and National Inventors’ Day are all on Feb. 11.
  3. 3. My friend and Sheldon both like playing pranks and practical jokes on people.
  4. 4. Sheldon is a scientist, which is kind of like an inventor.
  5. 5. My friend’s name is Shelby, which is kind of like “Sheldon.”
  6. 6. My friend once was at a birthday dinner and saw Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon, eating asparagus at the table next to him.
  7. 7. Sheldon once invented an algorithm for making friends.

You can check out his presentation of it here on YouTube. It’s pretty funny.

So, what better to get my friend for his birthday than some inventive practical joke gifts that he could play on his other friends? Nothing. Using the same logic I assumed Sheldon would use, I googled “Practical Joke Gifts” and ended up at, and then at their “Practical Joke Gadgets” page.

What did I get him? Everything you see! Except for the “Scary Lifelike Silicon Snake Toy” because that was $45.99. I have no idea why it would cost that much.

I just put the fake poo pic here because I couldn’t resist. Look at those prices! I mean, come on! 47 sure-fire, hee-lare-ee-o gags for only 145 bucks!? My friend will be saying “Bazinga!” until he passes out! Plus, I figured that going overkill and getting him so many birthday gifts on Inventors’ Day was pretty darn inventive of me.

I hope he enjoys them. Especially the fake poo. I bet Sheldon would. Then again, maybe not.

By: Peter

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