What Golf Clubs Do I Need? The Beginner’s Guide To Buying Golf Clubs

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So your friends took you golfing, and you actually really enjoyed it. So much so, that you want to go do it again. And again. And again. At this point your friends might be getting a little irritated if you keep borrowing their golf gear, so you figure it’s time to get your own. Annnnd you’re lost. What do all these numbers mean? What’s the difference between a putter and a driver? What do you mean there are different sizes?

Don’t worry, I’d be just as lost as you are if I were shopping for golf clubs. Luckily, there’s a wealth of information out there for beginning golfers like you. Here's our quick beginner's guide of things to keep in mind when shopping for a new set of golf clubs:

1. Get A Basic Set.

If you’re just getting started golfing, a full 14 club set might be a bit much to start out. What you want to get is a more basic set of golf clubs that will help you learn the basics of the game and hone your skills. Golfsmith suggests beginner golfers start by getting a basic set including a wood club like a driver or a 3-wood (for hitting long distances), an iron club like a 6-iron, a pitching wedge for short shots, and a putter. Bonus: with fewer clubs, your bag will be lighter and easier to tote around the course.

2. Get Clubs That Will Help You Learn.

Some golf clubs are more difficult to use than others. Getting clubs that are easier to use will give you the best chance to score well, even as a beginner player. For instance, according to Brian Hill from GolfSmith, it’s generally easier for a beginner golfer to hit a long shot with a 4- or 5-wood than a 2- or 3-iron. Hybrid clubs also offer a good amount of a control, which is useful for a golfer who is just starting out.

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3. Get The Right Fit.

Standard golf clubs aren’t the right size for everyone. Since you’re just getting started with golfing, you don’t need extremely exact sizing, but you should do your best to find a good fit. If you can go to a golfing store near you, you should find an expert who can measure you and fit you for clubs. If you’re ordering online, make sure you get someone to measure your height and your floor-to-wrist measurements first, then you can use this chart to help you determine which size club (you may have to order custom sizes) will be best for you. Keep in mind that women’s clubs are 1” shorter than men’s clubs.

4. Get A Deal.

Golfing is not exactly known as a cheap sport to participate in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be frugal about your pastime. There are lots of deals out there for golf clubs and other equipment, especially if you shop online. Try looking for used clubs at Global Golf or Callaway Pre-Owned, and of course use coupon codes whenever they’re available.

What are you waiting for? Get your clubs and gear and get out there on the course!

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