What is RealPlayer Cloud?

Been dreaming about a way to keep track of all your videos in a super easy format? Then, RealPlayer Cloud is the answer to your prayers. What is RealPlayer Cloud? It's a program that allows you to store and share your videos on multiple devices - which means you can access them whenever and wherever you choose! With both mobile and desktop apps, you have the ability to move across different devices easily (including iOS, Windows, Android, etc.). Check out the other awesome benefits of RealPlayer Cloud below.

Move your videos.

You most likely don’t rely on just one device these days - you probably switch often between your computer, smartphone, and tablet. So, RealPlayer Cloud allows you to access your videos from one homescreen on your mobile or desktop app. The main menu allows you to pull up any video you wish to watch - and they’ll always be in the correct format for whatever device you’re using. You can even change the orientation or zoom in or out. If you want to watch videos offline, there’s even a download option!

Watch your videos.

If you want to enjoy your videos on a larger scale, RealPlayer Cloud lets you easily play your media on a big screen. You can access the Cloud on your Roku player, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire TV completely wirelessly - you don’t even need to connect your computer!

Organize your videos.

One of the best features is the ability to organize your videos. You can group specific videos together or create folders to help you keep track of certain collections. With the RealPlayer Cloud, you can organize your videos for easy access the next time you want to check out or share a video.

Share your videos.

Most other apps make it a tad difficult to share your media - copying and pasting links or files can be a big pain in the neck. However, RealPlayer Cloud takes out all the hard work by offering an easy-to-use share feature. By clicking on the share option, you can email a video to friends and family or share it on social media (like Facebook or Twitter). The best part is that whoever you’re sharing the video with doesn’t even need the RealPlayer Cloud app to access it, so anyone can check out your videos without any hassle.

So, what is RealPlayer Cloud? It's an app that's perfect for any video-lover. For anyone who appreciates a good deal, check out the discounts you can use on the app.

Want to know more about how to use the app? Watch the helpful video below!

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