What is the Best Norton Product for Families?

These days, there’s so much you have to protect your children from - everything from violence in the media to Internet predators. So, what software should you be using to keep your kids safe when they go on the computer? Well, that would be Norton Family Premier, a super easy-to-use program to keep your entire family protected from cyber baddies. Read on for the many reasons this Norton product is perfect for your family.

Web Supervision

It can be difficult to supervise your kids at all times. This feature allows you to monitor which sites your kids visit or try to visit, so you don’t have to worry about constantly looking over their shoulder. You can also block specific sites or types of sites to help steer them away from anything inappropriate.

Video Monitoring

If your kids love watching videos on YouTube or Hulu, it can be helpful to have a video monitoring tool. You can keep track of which videos your kids are viewing, and it allows you to view a snippet of each video so that you can get a feel for the content.

Search Supervision

Want to know exactly what your kids are Googling? This tool tracks the words and phrases that your kids are entering into search engines. You can even filter out inappropriate content before they view it.

Social Network Monitoring

Since it’s hard to keep kids off of Facebook and other social networks, you need something that can help you monitor what they’re actually doing on these sites. Norton’s Family Premier program comes with a social network monitoring tool, so you can see exactly how your kids are representing themselves on the sites (including if they’re posting their age, name, or location).

Personal Information Protection

This feature actually helps you block your child from sharing any type of personal information online, including their email address, physical address, phone number, or Social Security number. This could come in handy to prevent your child from sharing information that they might not know should be kept private.

Time Supervision

If you’re not aware of exactly how much time your child is spending online, this feature allows you to track how much time they’re online. Then, you can set limits for how long they can be on the computer at any given time. Want to set specific hours or days of the week as off-limits? This Norton feature lets you do just that!

Email Alerts

If your child attempts to visit a blocked site, you’ll get an automatic email alert - which can help warn you if they’re ignoring warnings of dangerous sites. The Norton Family Premier program also sends out periodic email reports, so that you can get all of the information regarding your child’s Internet usage in one email.

Text Message Supervision

This Norton program doesn’t just help you monitor your child’s Internet activities. It also keeps track of their text messages as well. You can see exactly who they’re sending messages to and what they’re saying. You also have the ability to restrict who they send texts to.

Mobile App Supervision

Want to know which apps your kids are using? This supervision tool allows you to see which apps they’re downloading on their smartphones or tablets, and permits you to restrict access to specific apps or types of apps that you think are inappropriate.

Now, that you’ve seen all of the many features of the Norton Family Premier program, here are some benefits to using the software.

  • The program can help open a discussion with you and your family about dangerous content or people on the Internet. It’s always positive for your kids to be aware of when something seems suspicious - they’re way more likely to come to you about red flags.

  • You have the option of informing your child of all the restrictions you set. Because they’ll know about the settings, they’ll feel like they have a little more control over the rules - and then are more likely to follow them!

  • With mobile options, you can track your kid’s activity from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Because the program is accessible, you can view what your kids are doing even when you’re on the go.

  • The time limits feature allows you to restrict how much your child uses the computer. These restrictions can help enforce healthy habits by forcing them to play outside, read a book, or do other activities that don’t require a screen!

  • Monitoring their text messages and emails lets you have a little insight into your child’s social circle. You can see who they’re spending time texting, which can give you a window into who their friends are. That means no more guessing who they’re communicating with!

We’ve probably convinced you by now to check out Norton Family Premier to help keep track of your family’s online activities! Aside from the many advantages of using the product, you can also get some great savings when you use a coupon code at checkout. So, head over to Norton, buy this software subscription for less than $50 a year, and keep your family safe long-term!

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