What Shoes Would the Girls From ‘GIRLS’ Wear?


Whether or not you’ve seen the show, the ongoing topic of discussion has been about how some of them consistently choose to wear nothing at all. Mainly Hannah, the lead character, played by Lena Dunham. But this is not Sex and the City. GIRLS is not about Manolos and Vivienne Westwood. The show doesn’t pretend that the characters can actually afford such fancy garb while earning realistically low wages. GIRLS is about everything that can occur with four women in their early twenties, including how they handle obstacles, and how they maintain their relationships and friendships despite the madness of adulthood.

However, even though the fashion isn’t a main character on the show like it was on SATC, these ladies are still seriously stylish. While I can’t relate solely to the wardrobe of one character, I love how different they are in style and in personality. I could go on and on about Marnie’s classic cardigans and Jessa’s breathtaking makeup, but let’s focus on the footwear for now.

Here’s a shoe for each GIRLS girl.


Hannah appreciates trendy attire. You’ll always see her in something cute, but you’ll find it combined with something unexpected, a little wild, and edgy. Hannah also values comfort above all else, so you’ll hardly ever find her in heels. She loves flats, wedges, and sandals. Which is why I’d picture her in a pair of leopard print loafers like these Anne Klein shoes from Shoebuy. And since she’s such a style wild card, I’m sure she’d pair these with any outfit and make it work.


Marnie has classic, timeless style. She’s the preppy, polished beauty that always seems to be on the verge of unraveling into a hot mess. But despite her relationship recklessness, the girl can rock a nude heel and sheath dress like no other. These Naturalizer Lennox shoes are so utterly Marnie.


I suppose you wouldn’t classify Hannah as the “wild card” in the presence of Jessa. Jessa is more than a wild card though. She’s a free spirit hippie that doesn’t want to fit anyone’s idea of well...anything. She comes and goes as she pleases and acts on pure impulse. This makes her a selfish and not-so-great friend at times, but it provides viewers with endless entertainment. Jessa is a modern, feminist rebel, and she would totally rock a shoe like this from Jessica Simpson's line.


Shoshanna is totes the trendiest GIRL in the bunch. She’s fluent in internet-speak, and uses it as her main form of verbal communication as well. Her makeup is striking, and you’ll usually find a braid or a bun in an unexpected place atop her head. She’s also so much fun to watch because she’s so ridiculous, you feel like she’s half-cartoon. Ever wonder who in their right mind would wear a crop top, even though it’s ‘a thing’ all of a sudden? Shoshanna would. And when it comes to shoes, if it’s a popular style, Shosh will be too consumed with FOMO to resist. OMG, I could see her rocking these BCBGeneration Prism heels. Right?!?!

Channeling my inner Shoshanna:

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