What You Can Expect from Windows 10

In the next couple of months, Microsoft is rolling out their latest software, Windows 10. There’s been much talk about what changes are in store for PC users, so here’s an outline of what you can look forward to!

Can see up to 4 apps on one screen

Microsoft 10 will have the new ‘Snap’ feature, which allows users to work on up to 4 apps all at once on the same screen. ‘Snap’ has been included in past versions (since Windows Vista), but has now been updated to include a quadrant layout that makes it easy for you to see several screens at once without having to annoyingly toggle back and forth between tabs.

Windows Store apps will work like desktop apps

It’ll now be a lot easier to use Windows Store apps with Windows 10. These apps and regular desktop programs will both run in windows that can be resized or minimized from the bar at the top of your screen. You’ll be better able to integrate usage of all apps with this feature. Many apps will even come with the program, like Maps, Photos, Mail and Calendar, Music, and Video. Plus, you can use the OneDrive feature to backup your files and sync them across your Windows 10 devices with perfect compatibility!

An integrated XBox feature

If you’re a gamer, you’ll find many reasons to love Windows 10. You can expect an integrated XBox feature to make your gaming easier to access on your devices. Now, XBox users can start recording gameplay in mere seconds, can compete against other XBox users, and can stream games from any XBox One console to other Windows 10 devices!

Can create multiple desktop screens

You don’t have to be jealous of your Mac user friends once Windows 10 comes around. With this upgrade, you can create new desktops and easily switch between them - making you much more productive!

A new Internet browser

Forget about that ol’ dated Internet Explorer. The future is here with a new browser called ‘Edge.’ Similar to Chrome and Firefox, this browser will be faster and much easier to navigate. The browser even allows you to type notes directly on websites and share them with others or share your favorite pages for later access.

‘Task View’ makes switching between files easier

Never worry about laboriously switching back and forth between files. A button on the taskbar will let you click on one single screen that shows all of the open apps and files you’re currently using. ‘Task View’ will definitely help you be the most productive worker around!

Microsoft’s version of Siri

Obsessed with using Siri on your iPhone? Microsoft wanted to get in on the game, so they’ll be releasing a new voice-recognition program called ‘Cortana’ that will work for your PCs. ‘Cortana’ has already earned tons of fans from Windows smartphone users, who are sure to be thrilled that this technology will be included for PCs now, too! Cortana can even give you instant access to whatever task you need completed without making you leave the page you’re on!

‘Continuum’ creates updated user interface

People were super unhappy with Windows 8’s inability to switch between desktop and tablet modes. Now, Windows 10 will be debuting ‘Continuum,’ a design interface that lets you switch between modes with ease. If you’re using a keyboard and mouse, ‘Continuum’ will stick to desktop mode. With hybrid devices, you can switch back and forth if you’re using the keyboard or not.

An improved Start menu

Most people hated that Windows 8 didn’t include an easy-to-locate Start menu. Microsoft is fixing that complaint with an improved Start menu that will even include a personalizable section for your favorite apps, websites, and programs.  

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So, get pumped for the latest in technology with the amazing Windows 10!

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