What You May Not Know About Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are not the only technology giant CEOs in the world. Lenovo computer is the top selling brand of PCs and smartphones in the world. The Chinese company manufactures all of IBM’s computers as well as tablets, and smart televisions. IBM is one of the oldest technology corporations in the US. They are also the ‘Official Laptop, Desktop and Workstation Sponsor’ of the NFL. They have multiple headquarters in Beijing, Singapore, and Morrisville, North Carolina.

Company History

Yang Yuanqing has been with Lenovo since the first wave of hires after the founding committee received approval from the government in 1988. He worked his way to CEO and led the company to become the top selling brand of PCs in Asia and then the world. It helped that he encouraged communication between all levels of employees, made sure there was a wide range of reasonably priced products, and then marketed them well. He brought in Microsoft and Intel to make sure that all of his distributors were properly trained.

Awards and Public Services

Yuanqing was a graduate student at the University of Science and Technology of China, before he decided to accept a sales position at Lenovo in the late '80s. Today, he still teaches there as a guest lecturer. He is a member of the New York Stock Exchange's International Advisory Committee, as well the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. He has been credited as a top Chinese business leader by financial magazines across the globe, including Fortune Asia, Businessweek, and Forbes Asia.

Giving Back to Employees

This is something you do not see a lot of American CEO’s doing. In 2012, Yang Yuanqing took his executive bonus -- $3 million for helping the company reach record sales -- and redistributed it among 10,000 low level employees at Lenovo. Recently, he relocated his family to Morrisville in order to learn correct English and soak up American business culture, so he could communicate better with each of his partners and employees. He strongly encourages all levels of Lenovo employees to interact and to address each other by their first names.

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