What Your Nail Polish Says About You

Painting our nails is just one way us gals can show off our personality. Along with the clothes we wear and the makeup we rock, nail polish helps us show the world how we’re feeling on any particular day. So, what’s your nail polish saying about you?

Classic Red

You have a strong personality that defies what’s expected of you. You might enjoy attention, but don’t need flashy trends to achieve it. You’re sophisticated with a hint of edginess. Plus, your friends love that you’re always up for an adventure.

Signature Color: Finger Paints in Vintage Glam at Sally Beauty


You love spring, and are the type who wishes flowers bloomed all year long. You have a lot of energy, but keep things beneath the surface. You’re not daring enough to go for a bold color, but you don’t want people to think you’re completely boring.

Signature Color: China Glaze-In a Lilly Bit at Sally Beauty

Clear Polish or Nudes

You’re a minimalist who embraces the simplicity of life. People look up to you for your calm attitude and serene view of life. You don’t waste time with trends; you know subtle beauty will always be in style.

Signature ColorFormula X Translucents in Remarkable-Sheer Blush Porcelain at Sephora

Black or Dark Tones

You have an edge to you, a dramatic flair that you’ve honed over the years. You’ve come to love the grunge / goth trend, but only because it lets you appear moody without going over-the-top. You add a touch of glamour by going for shades like navy or dark purple.

Signature Color: Jin Soon in Azurite at Sephora

Nail Art

You’re ready to take on any challenge that comes across your path. You definitely pay attention to detail, and you have an artistic side that appears in a variety of ways. You don’t mind spending a little extra time perfecting your nail art (whether that means getting a manicure or applying nail stickers).

Signature Color: Formula X ASAP 3D Nail Appliques at Sephora

No matter what shade you choose to show off, you’re already a pretty rad chick for trying out these trends. Another thing that makes you awesome? Your ability to find amazing savings (like with a Sally Beauty coupon code)!

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