Where Are the Best Deals on Headphones?

I’m one of those people that just can’t stand earbuds. I find them uncomfortable and way too easy to lose. That’s why I’m a fan of headphones, all the way. However, I simply can’t afford super expensive versions like Beats by Dr. Dre. (Um, no I don’t have an extra 200 bucks lying around.) So, I did some research to discover the 5 sites that offer the best deals on headphones. Check out the list below.

1. LightInTheBox

This retailer is always a great source to buy affordable electronics. They actually sell headphones for as low as $2.99. While the quality might not always be top-notch, you’ll never have to worry about shelling out a ton of cash if you accidentally break a pair.

Best Bet: OVLENG X8 Headphones

This model is available for just $8.89! Plus, there are over 100 reviews from customers that gave the headphones a 5-star rating. Plus, you can use a coupon code at checkout for even more savings!

2. Overstock

Overstock has a huge variety of headphones, so you’re bound to find a style (and price) you like. They offer some versions for as low as 8 bucks, and they also have some fun sports-themed models.

Best Bet: Panasonic Noise-Canceling Headphones

One of the best benefits of headphones is the ability to block out the noise happening around you. This Panasonic version is available for just $46.99 - so you never have to hear annoyingly loud people next to you ever again.

3. Outdoor Tech

If you’re nervous about buying an unknown brand, Outdoor Tech is a great option. Their high-quality wireless headphones are ideal if you’re always on the go.

Best Bet: Privates Wireless Headphones

These headphones are touch-control and can connect to your Bluetooth, making them the ultimate in hot technology. Although they’re $99, you can use a discount to qualify for free shipping (and they’re guaranteed to last for a long time!).

4. Best Buy

Best Buy has long been one of my top places to shop for electronics. Their prices are great and the quality of their gear couldn’t be better. Best Buy’s selection includes everything from $7.99 basic headphones to those Beats by Dr. Dre I was talking about.

Best Bet: Sony Over-the-Ear Headphones

Sony is a reliable brand, and these bad boys only cost $14.99. The ear pads and over-the-ear design provide extra comfort - perfect for epically long music-listening or gaming sessions.

5. Amazon

Amazon always makes it incredibly easy to shop for bargains. They even provide customers with a Top 10 Headphone Deals list that’s updated every hour! Their selection also includes pretty much every price point, so you’re sure to find a set that’s perfect for you.

Best Bet: Philips SHL3000PP Headband Headphones

Philips makes high-quality audio gear, and these headphones are no exception. At just $15.99, you can take advantage of the crystal-clear sound next time you want to watch a movie or listen to some tunes.

So, crank that music as loud as you want, and snap up some of the best deals around on headphones!

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