Where Can I Buy Stamps?

Standing in line at the post office is guaranteed to put anyone in a terrible mood. Seriously, that place is only slightly better than the DMV. In the old days, you would have to stand in a long line, and face an unfriendly postal worker just to get your stamps. Well, it’s safe to say that advances have been made so you never have to go through that torture again. Here are some ideas on where to buy stamps (and how to avoid those awful post office lines!).

Purchase stamps from the USPS website.

You can get a great deal on the price of stamps when you shop at the United States Postal Service website. There’s an awesome variety of types and quantities, so you only have to pay for what you need. They also offer ‘forever’ stamps, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of stamps going up.

Find them at local grocery stores or gas stations.

Many people forget that you can buy stamps at nearby retailers, without having to face the crowds at the post office. Some grocery stores or gas stations have better hours than the post office, so you can actually buy stamps after 5 p.m. Although it’s convenient, beware that these stores are not required to charge customers the face value of the stamps. They can actually hike up the price of stamps to make a profit! So, double check the price before you make your way to the checkout.

Use the self-service kiosks at the post office.

If your main goal is to avoid lines, you can usually find a self-service kiosk at the post office. It’s quick and easy to use, which makes it a better option for people in a rush.

Buy stamps through Stamps.com.

Your best bet for buying stamps is to go to Stamps.com. You’ll have 24/7 access to purchase stamps, and you can print your stamps right from your home. Stamps.com also offers tons of discounts (and you can use a Stamps.com promo code to save even more on the price of stamps!). Basically, Stamps.com can save you money, and perhaps something even more precious - your time!

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