Where Can I Buy TOMS Shoes?

I overheard my wife recently ask this question, so I decided to find out for her. I will now share what I discovered to make your life easier, since you’re apparently looking for them, too.

Nordstrom: It might’ve been a mistake steering my wife to Nordstrom, considering all they sell besides shoes, but they do have tons o’ TOMS, so I took the risk.

They carry 302 different types of TOMS for Women, Men, and Kids including Boots, Flats, Oxfords, Pumps, Sandals, Slip-Ons, Sneakers, and Wedges. She ended up ordering these:

TOMS 'Desert - Cheetah' Suede Wedge Bootie. Funky, huh? But so is my wife. The price? $88.95. But how much would’ve they cost from other places? I’m sure she made the right choice going with Nordstrom and got a good deal, but I was curious. So...

Journeys: They carry 137 different types of TOMS, but for some reason, they are available in store only, not online. Hmm, must be some contractual / distribution thing. This is the link for Journeys Store Locator if you want to swing by one and shop for TOMS in person. Some people still do that, I hear.

Tilly’s: Turns out that they don’t carry TOMS. They do have a lot of other cool stuff, though. Moving on...

Neiman Marcus: They carry 219 different types of TOMS and are available online. But, alas, they do not offer the TOMS 'Desert - Cheetah' Suede Wedge Bootie. Oh well...

So, it looks like my wife made the right move going with Nordstrom. Smart girl. I knew that in addition to her good looks, there was some reason I married her. (See, honey? I say good things about you all the time.)

Oh yeah, and believe it or not, know where else you can buy TOMS shoes? TOMS official website. Even if you end up buying them from somewhere else, you should still check out their site because of this:

I don’t think any official, scientific studies have been done, but my hypothesis is that free shoes are more comfortable than ones you pay money for. They also have a Find a Retailer link on their site, if you want to do some more digging.

Wherever you end up getting them from, make sure to use a coupon code for them so you don’t pay more than you have to. But, seeing as how you’re reading this, I probably don’t have to remind you of that, you savvy shopper you.

Oh, and on an endnote, when the TOMS from Nordstrom’s arrived, they were accompanied by a purse. My wife wouldn’t tell me how much that cost, but I’m guessing it was way more than the shoes.

By: Peter

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