Where to Buy Sold-Out Tickets

Now that summer is here there are plenty of concerts, festivals, and events to go to. The only problem is that you might hear about awesome shows after they’re already sold out. No problem - there are still several sites you can hit up to find tickets. In fact, the best time to buy a sold-out ticket is actually 4-5 weeks after the show has sold out. During this time frame, the secondary market hasn’t started selling the tickets for high prices, so you’re more likely to snag a good deal. Here’s a list of your best bets for where to buy sold-out tickets.


This site has more than 83,000 events available at any given time (including concerts, sports games, and theater tickets). There’s no risk involved when you purchase tickets from them since they offer a 125% money-back guarantee. The only downside? The service fee amounts to 25% of the total ticket price, so you might be able to find slightly cheaper tickets elsewhere. However, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your tickets are legit more than makes up for the higher prices. To save a little more cash, check out these coupons before you complete your purchase.


eBay is a great option if you’re comfortable buying from an independent seller. The site is well-organized, and it’s easy to search for a variety of events. eBay is also a good choice since you can look at a range of price points (making it easy to stay within your budget). You also don’t have to worry about running into trouble with a seller - the eBay Buyer Protection program ensures you’ll get what you paid for.


StubHub is a super popular site for finding sold-out tickets. Other customers sell tickets, so you can often find great deals. Plus, the service fee is only 10% of the ticket price (one of the lowest rates for these types of sites). Another fantastic feature is the ability to set price alerts - StubHub will notify you when your desired tickets enter your price range (perfect for sticking to a budget!).


For an outside-the-box alternative, try putting a post on your Facebook wall asking your friends if they have any extra tickets for sale. If you’re lucky, someone you know will have tickets to the event you want to attend. The best part? They probably won’t charge you those annoying service fees!


This site has tons of great seats to the hottest events. Although the service fee can be more than 15% of the ticket price, you can get 10% off your first order just for signing up for their email newsletter. TicketsNow also offers guaranteed verified and authentic tickets, so you never have to worry about getting scammed.


Absolutely need to get a seat to that sold-out concert? TicketNetwork is the place to go. You can generally find pretty low prices (or special discounts), and they offer a 125% money-back guarantee on every ticket. The only negative is that the service fee can add up to 18.5% of the ticket price. But it’ll be worth it when you get to attend that amazing event you thought you couldn’t get into!

Don’t just assume sold-out applies to you - check out these sites for access to all the best events in your area!

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