Where to Take Personal Finance Courses Online

As someone who is just now venturing into the world of personal finance, I’m beginning to see what a huge disservice my schools did me by not offering any classes on how to manage money. I’ve had to learn all the basics on my own, but I feel like I’m still lacking a foundational understanding of what I should be doing with my money. There were no courses in my high school or college that offered any sort of education in finances, which means I better do some research now.

There are several options for taking personal finance courses. Some people might enjoy attending classes at a nearby community college, but I’d personally rather enroll in a course online so I can view the materials at my own convenience. Oh, and I’m also pretty broke, so classes that don’t require me shelling out tons of cash are always a good option.

After doing some research, I discovered two sites that are ideal for taking finance courses. One site, ed2go, allows you to sign up for online classes that are offered by leading universities all over the country. You can view the syllabus, read student reviews, and check out the time and money commitment before you enroll. One class, “Personal Finance,” is available for $99, and covers helpful topics like stocks, budgeting, and financial goals. To save on this class, check out some coupon codes before you sign up.

There are also some money management courses that you can find for much cheaper. One of the most famous online schools is udemy. They’ve developed successful programs with interactive materials and successful instructors that you can access from the comfort of your home. Also, there’s no time limit on the courses, so you can go completely at your own pace. There’s also no deadline for the class – the materials are available to you forever! The best part is that udemy offers several personal finance courses for less than $30 – and there are a few that are actually free! If you decide to go with a course that costs money, you can always take advantage of some discount codes!

Here’s a look at a few courses available at udemy:

For $29, you get 17 lectures on getting out of debt, creating a budget, and boosting your credit score.

This course is taught by the Institute For Financial Literacy, and it’s free! It includes 25 lectures that can help you create some financial goals, and it’s been taken by over 2,200 students!

This free (!) class provides 12 lectures that can give you great advice on ways to set a budget, how to save for retirement, and steps to lower your taxes.

So if you’re like me and need a little education before you can call yourself “money-smart,” check out these inexpensive personal finance courses online. Your wallet will thank you!

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