Which is Best for Classroom Notes: Pen, Touchscreen, or Keyboard?

The days of pocket protectors and hand-held pencil sharpeners are over, folks. In a classroom setting, it’s now rare to see a pen put to paper. The world is mostly digital and students now have the option to choose which note-taking tool works best for them. Some people still trust the feeling of pen on paper. They like putting the years of handwriting practice to good use.

Others have moved on to a laptop or tablet. And there are pros and cons to both. One major con of a tablet in the classroom setting was recently made clear by a Windows 8 ad. Looks like they’re going after the iPad 4 again in the latest showdown of the Mac vs. PC war.

In this ad, you’ll see a college student diligently taking notes using a Lenovo Yoga as her classmates with touchscreen tablets (presumably iPads) struggle to get their accessories in place quickly enough to catch up.

Even the students using pens are too slow compared to the Lenovo Yoga user! Since her textbook is digital and already on her screen, she doesn’t have to pull out her textbook and manually flip to the right page. She’s already there. And if you want to be able to keep the pace throughout the semester, you might want to invest in one yourself. Lenovo offers great deals, but to score an even better deal, you should use a Lenovo coupon code at checkout. I’d assume it’s what the Lenovo Yoga girl would do.

What do you think? What would your preference be? Do the cool iPad features outweigh the inconvenience of typing on the touchscreen? Is it an even match with the iPad's added keyboard? Or is Lenovo just miles ahead with its convertible options?

I guess it’s your move, Apple.

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