Why Anti-Virus Software Is Not Enough

For most of us, Internet security is not a huge issue, because nobody really cares about the family or travel photos, music and movies, or other stuff that everyone has on their computer. In the case of major organizations like media outlets, business corporations, and government agencies, there are a lot more hackers interested in taking a look around. For example, the New York Times has been the victim of multiple attacks from international hacking organizations in recent years.

Exhibit A:

On August 27, 2013, the New York Times reported that they had been the victim of an attack from a group known as the Syrian Electronic Army (S.E.A.). Users around the world could not access the website and dozens of employees had their personal emails scanned for sensitive data like passwords.

S.E.A. is a group of hackers that work for the Syrian government to support President Bashar al-Assad in face of the tumultuous civil war there. The group attacked social media giant Twitter as well, but was quickly rebuffed thanks to a registry lock service that they acquired from Norton Internet Security for an additional monthly payment.

You see both Twitter and the New York Times choose Norton Internet Security to protect their networks. This information might be classified, but so do a lot of powerful government agencies. This is partly because they are a leg of Systemantec Corporation, one of the oldest and most trusted technology firms in Silicon Valley.

It turns out that for an extra $50 per month, the New York Times could have opted for a registry lock service that sends an alert when there is suspicious activity on your website. Read all about it at InformationWeek.

Anyone with highly sensitive information on their hard drive should immediately check for a Norton coupon code before continuing.  

Exhibit B:

The attack by Syria was a walk in the park compared to the time Chinese hackers attacked the New York Times for four straight months in 2012. In their four page report, the Times give a full recount of the incident.

The hackers installed a kind of malware in the website that garnered them access to the personal computers of over 50 reporters, contributors, and other employees. However China’s Ministry of National Defense refuted the claim it was an organized attack by their government.

In response to the heavily publicized event, Systemantec posted an official statement on their website. It urged Norton’s customers, “to be very aggressive in deploying solutions that offer a combined approach to security,” because, “Anti-virus software alone is not enough.” It is important for companies, countries, and consumers to employ a full capability of security solutions in the fight against cyber attacks.

If your organization is vulnerable to hackers, then you could save money in the long run by preventing future attacks. Make sure your activities comply with federal regulations, then contact Norton to discuss a more comprehensive approach to protecting your system.

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