Why Everyone Should Take The Megabus

The truth is that everybody should be taking advantage of the low fares available from Megabus. A revolutionary business model has unveiled itself that allows people to travel across the country for less than the price of gas. It boggles the mind because it seems counterintuitive. Yet people manage to travel hundreds of miles for as low as one dollar.

Everyone should forget their preconceived notions about the kind of people who take the bus. The golden days of taking the bus across state lines are back. Megabus is a beneficial low cost technology that is transporting thousands of people each day. This raises the question about how Megabus works and the best ways to take advantage of benefits like coupon codes.

How Does Megabus Work?

Megabus operates a fleet of double decker buses that have twice as many seats as competing bus lines. This gives them more flexibility to juggle around fare prices. They consider the popularity of certain days and routes, coupled with a general time frame. The shorter notice that you buy a ticket, the more expensive it is going to be. But every once in awhile you may find an amazing deal the day of travel. It all depends on the timing.

Tips On Scoring Low Fares

The best way to get a low fare is to book several months in advance. Booking a couple weeks ahead is still going to get you a better deal. If you want to buy a ticket the day before, it will likely cost as much as an average bus ticket. You can save some cash by traveling at night and arriving at 2am. Busy travel times such as the holidays will cost more no matter what. Keep in mind that you will be waiting for the Megabus outside in the middle of the street, rain or shine.

If your travel times are flexible, try skimming around to see if there is anything lower within your means. Understand that the legendary $1 Megabus ticket will have to be booked several months ahead of time. But you may as well buy it when you have the option to change your ticket for one dollar. You can use the low fares on Megabus to book for important travel dates early so that there is less pressure to worry about transportation costs.

What Finance Experts Are Saying

The Motley Fool contributor, Chuck Seletta is a successful investor and businessman. He also uses Megabus to travel between Chicago and Cincinnati all of the time. When a passenger asks why he is taking the bus he says, “I had an out-of-town wedding to attend, and the Megabus was the most cost-effective, reasonably time-efficient way of getting where I needed to be.”

Seletta argues that by taking the Megabus he is saving time and money. First, he is saving over $200 in gas and related expenses from driving his own car. Second, he spent the time he would have been driving, by writing a financial blog for his website. Since investing is all about keeping costs down and income up, Megabus makes perfect sense for him. Read the full article here.

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