Why Food Storage Makes Perfect Sense

We live in tough times. While no one wants to imagine that something bad will happen to you or your family – disasters like Hurricane Sandy and Katrina have taught us that when you’re facing an extended emergency – planning and supplies like first aid, flashlights, matches, water filters, and food reserves can mean the difference between life and death. But there’s no need to hit the panic button just yet, we at CouponPal are here to give you the top reasons why food storage makes perfect sense everyday and how you should prepare for the worst now with the very best from eFoodsDirect + Nitro-Pak.

4. Quick Dinner Fix

Life can get hectic. Whether you’re a busy mom, college student, or senior citizen – eFoodsDirect offers an endless selection of hearty, tasty, and nutritious meals that are ready-to-eat in a matter of minutes. Choose from a mouthwatering menu that includes foodie favorites like Cheesy Chicken Casserole, Beef Stroganoff, Tortilla Soup, and Chicken Alfredo or pickup the 7-Day Responder for one week’s worth of delicious dehydrated dinner, lunch, and breakfast. With a shelf life of 15-25 years, eFoodsDirect lets you eat healthy while on the go or stock, save, and serve for tomorrow.

3. Camping Trips

Forget about hunting, gathering fruits and berries, or trying to remember which leaf equals lethal. Just because you’re in the wild doesn’t mean you can’t eat well. Known by campers, hikers, and outdoorsman alike – Backpacker's Pantry is the go-to for gourmet style, chef prepared camping food. These wholesome and flavorful entrees require no cooking, preparation, or additional ingredients – just add water and eat most meals in 10-15 minutes or less. Nitro-Pak, the first master distributor of Backpacker’s Pantry, helps you feed yourself the flavorful freeze-dried way for a fraction of the cost.

2. Unemployment or Change in Finances

Everyday brings news of a big business buyout, failure, or bunch of layoffs. In an unsure economy where the whole world is facing recession, gone are the good ole’ days of being hired and retired by the same company. In the event that you find yourself with reduced hours, salary, or unemployed – food storage guarantees that you will be able to put food on your table in the meantime. eFoodsDirect offers Family packs that feed up to four, available in 1-month to 1-year quantities, in addition to bulk supplies that are all budget friendly.

1. Natural Disaster or Emergency

Blizzards, earthquakes, flooding, tornados, and wildfires happen every single day. With an overgrowing global population food, power, and water shortages also loom and the harsh reality is that you may find yourself temporarily cutoff or unable to access food and supplies at some point in your life. But you don’t have to plan for disaster, simply live smarter and start by stocking up with first aid tools, over the counter medications, flashlights, matches, pocketknives, and most importantly – food reserves. Shop Nitro-Pak or eFoodsDirect for unbeatable deals on quick fix meals, survival supplies, grab & go kits, and more.

As you can see from our list, life happens and whether you’re a camper, mother, doomsayer, or prepper – the benefits of long-term food storage are undeniable. While eFoodsDirect and Nitro-Pak help you get your backup plan in place, we at CouponPal are here to sound the alarm at any sign of overspending and help you stockpile your savings when you use one of our crisis-averting coupon codes at checkout.

By: Stephanie

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