Why You Should Be Spending December in California

As a native California girl, I find it hard to understand why anyone lives in other parts of the country. I’ve never spent the holidays in snow (or anything under 70 degrees.) I’ve never really envied those that have a White Christmas, because I love the fact that I can have a BBQ on December 25th if I feel like it. 

There are so many reasons I love living in California all year round – like the ability to go from the mountains to the beach in an hour. So, if you’re not as lucky as us Californians, you should definitely come here during the holiday season. Forget traversing through snow banks, and remain shiver-free by traveling here. You can find great deals at Hotels.com, so you can still stay within your holiday budget. Besides the gorgeous weather, here are a few other reasons you should travel to California in December.


If you’ve never been to Disneyland, that’s a crime in of itself. But if you’ve never experienced Disneyland at Christmas time, that’s a completely different story. Disneyland goes all out for the holidays, from decorations on Main Street to a Christmas Fantasy parade. The best part is all the special details on the rides. It’s a Small World, Jungle Cruise, and Haunted Mansion all have fun Christmas themes!


California definitely has a multitude of beaches, but most tourists don’t realize they all have their own personalities. Head to Venice Beach for the cool, hippy vibe or Santa Monica for amusement park rides on the Pier. Just think of how jealous your friends back home will be when you tell them you spent a lovely December day with your toes in the sand.

Ice Skating

You’ve never experienced ice skating in California until you see someone skate past you in a t-shirt. Yep, no coats required when you go ice skating in LA. There are several fun options, including Downtown on Ice in Pershing Square, which is right in the center of downtown LA. It’s totally inexpensive to get in (general admission is $8 and skate rentals are only $2!) The LA Live rink also has a huge, 66 foot Christmas tree with an LED light show. It’s right next to the Staples Center, and there are tons of restaurants in the area.

Christmas Lights

Just because we don’t have snow, doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of opportunities to get into the holiday spirit. If you’re interested in some serious shopping, head to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills or the Grove in LA for some awesome displays of Christmas lights. They’ll help put you in the mood for the festivities, but you won’t be needing mittens and a scarf while touring the lights.

There’s no reason not to enjoy warm weather around the holidays. All you have to do is find great deals at Hotels.com, book a room, and make your way to the Golden State. The sunshine will be waiting for you.

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