Why You Should Consider Buying a Taser

As a woman, I never take chances when I’m alone. That means, no walking through deserted parking lots at night or going out without my cell phone in case I need to call someone for help. But no matter how prepared I think I am, the reality is that danger could strike at any time (hey, I watch the news). I’m completely against owning a gun (please don’t send me your fervent pro-gun protestations), but I do sometimes wish I had something that could offer me a little more protection than just the whistle I have on my keychain.

Tasers are actually a great option for women (and men for that matter). Before writing this post, I wasn’t really aware of the benefits of owning a Taser (and I’d pretty much only heard about them in terms of cops using them). However, I learned that Tasers can be really useful in keeping you and your loved ones safe. In fact, according to their website, the devices have saved over 130,000 lives (and will probably save another one in the next 26 minutes). If you’re considering buying one, here are 5 reasons why Tasers offer the ultimate protection.

1. They’re safer to own than a gun.

Outside of law enforcement, there are typically 2 types of people who purchase Tasers: gun owners that want to add to their arsenal and people who are not comfortable owning a gun but want a defense mechanism. Tasers are actually safer to own than guns, because they simply disable your assailant, instead of severely injuring or killing them. These days, it seems like there are tons of news stories about guns killing innocent people, so why take the risk of carrying a gun?

If you use a Taser, you’ll just knock out your attacker for a full 30 seconds - plenty of time for you to run away or call for help. If you shoot a gun at someone, you could end up getting charged with a crime (or potentially hurting an innocent person).

2. You can protect yourself from a distance.

Some people choose to buy stun guns for protection, but in order for them to be effective, you have to be close enough to your attacker to make direct contact. Tasers, on the other hand, have the ability to disable an assailant up to 15 feet away. The mechanism works by shooting projectiles (essentially industrial-strength fishing wire with fish hooks), allowing you to defend yourself from a distance. They also have a stun-gun feature, so you can initiate it up close as well.

3. They feature a warning arch and laser sight, which can scare off assailants.

If you don’t want to actually use the Taser on someone, you can utilize the warning arch (which is a loud ticking sound) or laser light to scare off potential attackers. To make sure your Taser has this feature, buy the X26p or X2 models. These warning features are also ideal if you’re trying to scare off a carjacker or stop a burglary attempt.

4. They’re ideal for protection while you’re walking your dog or hiking.

You never know what kind of obstacles you’ll encounter when you go out (like an attacking dog or dangerous wildlife). Owning a Taser can give you peace of mind that you’ll be able to fend off any type of danger. The devices also come with a high-intensity flashlight, which can help guide your way to safety in case you get lost. So, whether you’re out cruising the neighborhood or hiking in the mountains, you’ll definitely feel like you can protect yourself.

Tasers were specifically designed with the feedback from hundreds of both law enforcement officers and citizens alike, so you can be sure that the product was made to allow you the ability to successfully protect yourself from danger. Even if you’re not good in a crisis, the Taser doesn’t force you to make tons of life-saving decisions in a time of extreme pressure; instead, you can simply use the Taser device, which allows you time to flee from danger effectively.

5. Tasers are lightweight, compact, and discreet.

Tasers are handy to carry around with you on the go, because they’re lightweight enough not to feel bulky in your handbag or backpack. The X26p model measures at 4.08 inches high and 7.55 inches long and only weighs about .63 pounds, making it super easy to carry discreetly. Even if you just want a Taser for protection at home, the size makes it easy to store somewhere safe.

Not only will you feel super protected when you own a Taser, you’ll also feel like your savings are safe since you can use an awesome discount code at checkout!

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