Wireless Printer Saves Family!

Once upon a time, not that long ago, we were a family being torn apart by our respective printing needs. Tear-streamed faces, doors slamming, curt responses and a flurry of tangled cables were the norm. But no more.

Here was our situation:

  • 1 Printer
  • Dad’s PC connected to printer
  • Mom’s PC not connected to printer
  • Son’s laptop not connected to printer
  • Daughter’s iPad not connected to printer

Not very efficient, eh? Every time someone other than myself wanted to print, I’d have to stop working, disconnect my PC from the printer, and then hook up their device. I was known as “The Print Master.” I did not want to be “The Print Master” anymore, and came up with a solution – go wireless. Duh.

I decided I would get a wireless printer that could also scan, copy, and fax. I read a lot of reviews and settled on the best one that fit my budget: The HP Officejet 4500 Wireless All-in-One Printer.

I had always had HP Printers in the past and never had any problems with them. If something works, stay with it, I say. Now it was time to compare prices, and the range was pretty big; on the high end, $225.00, on the low end, $54.99. Guess which one I picked?

It turned out the lowest price I found was from good ol’ MacMall. I’ve shopped there many times before and was always satisfied. Plus, after another search (this time for coupons) I discovered a MacMall coupon code that revealed I’d get free shipping on orders over $25. Sweet.

Setting my new printer up was a breeze. Here’s what it does:

  • Copy, Scans & Faxes
  • Prints wirelessly from all of our devices from anywhere in the house
  • Prints 28 ppm pages in black, 22 in color
  • Works for both PC’s and Mac’s
  • Has a 20 page document feeder and a 100 sheet paper tray

Yesterday, my daughter said that she needed to print something out for school. I said, “Go ahead. Why are you bothering me?” Life is good.

By: Peter

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