Zagat Wine's Guide to Champagne & Sparklers

Celebratory occasions for adults call for champagne or sparkling wine, depending on the origin of the beverage. You do not have to pay for a bottle of Cristal, Moët, or Dom Pérignon every time you go out just to enjoy a fine sparkling wine. It is actually possible to pay for a dozen bottles of these non-vintages without dropping a grand.

When selecting champagne or sparkling wine for your next social engagement, consider factors such as country of origin, apellation and grape type, as well as the price. Are you going to be eating with your bubbly or is this more of a late night celebration? We found these bottles at one of our favorite wine clubs, Zagat Wine -- where they always have special coupon codes and discount deals!


Campanula Sparkling Pinot Grigio NV is a sparkling version of one of the worlds most popular white wines from Hungary. The award-winning Pinot Grigio is, “A light and creamy mousse with the intense flavor of melon and crisp notes of pear and peach.” The vineyard recommends pairing it with appetizers. ($14.99/bottle or $177.99/case at Zagat Wine)


Most of the wine in America is produced on the West Coast in Northern California. PLR Legacy Blanc de Noirs NV is one of Napa County and Sonoma County’s interpretations of fine sparkling wine made from traditional white grapes. Parker-rated winemaker Reed Renaudin says it is the perfect bottle of bubbly foam with crisp green apple flavors and a creamy texture. ($29.99/bottle or $358.99/case at Zagat Wine)


Italy’s favorite bottle of sparkling wine is Alessandro Gallici Prosecco Brut NV. The Prosecco grapes it is fermented from have grown in the hills surrounding Venice for centuries. Like a crisp Braeburn apple picked fresh from the tree, Proseccos are fresh, fruity, and approachable. Choose a brut or ‘dry’ champagne to pair with rich food. ($17.99/bottle or $179.99/case at Zagat Wine)

Great Britain

In England, they have been attempting to replicate the secret formula of champagne for centuries. According to the experts at Zagat Wine, "This is England’s vinous glory: fizz made in the image of champagne. Alluring and zesty.” The fine mousse-like texture and aroma of apples and citrus is a sign of a top quality sparkling wine. ($31.99/bottle or $382.99/case at Zagat Wine)


Equally perfect for girls-nights and fiestas, lovers of pink will appreciate a chilled bottle of sparkling rose wine like this Oriol Rossell Cava Rosado NV. The Penedes grapes it is made from have been hand harvested by the Rossell family on their vineyard outside of Barcelona. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate says that it has a lovely bouquet of roses, strawberry, and cassis. ($17.99/bottle or $214.99/case at Zagat Wine)


If you want the real stuff that aristocrats have been noshing about since the 17th century, it has to be from Champagne, France. Champagne Haton is a family vineyard that was founded in 1928 in the Premier Cru village of Damery. The white grape blend of champagne grapes is described as rich and toasty with a fine stream of bubbles and mouthwatering freshness. ($39.99/bottle or $478.99/case at Zagat Wine)

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