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The Deal with LIFX

Common light bulb fails to impress. If it weren’t for the fact that they burn out every so often, we’d never notice them at all. LIFX has taken the common light bulb and made it remarkable...

Common light bulb fails to impress. If it weren’t for the fact that they burn out every so often, we’d never notice them at all. LIFX has taken the common light bulb and made it remarkable once again. Using a free app on your smartphone, you can adjust your LIFX smart bulb’s hue to match any mood. The same app lets you automate your bedroom lighting so you’re gently woken up each morning. Use a LIFX promotional code today and cure your common bulb.

Ask anyone who has ever tried to get that glare off the TV screen; Lighting can be complicated. The LIFX app, available on Android and iOS, takes care of the headache for you. Adjust each bulb individually for a more hands-on approach or assign bulbs to groups. If you want to be productive in the office, throw on the deep blues. If your spouse is doing yoga in the living room, switch that group to deep orange to encourage activity.

Use the “Slide to Fade” feature to have the lights fade out over a chosen time period so you can wind down after a long day. Have some fun with effects. Visualize your music or have the lights flicker like a candle for spooky story time. The LIFX app makes all these settings available at the touch of a button. All you need to do is touch a LIFX coupon code button to get the ball rolling.

LIFX got their ball rolling in 2012. Their Kickstarter campaign raised $1.3 million in just six days. Founder Phil Bosua and his team of developers and engineers aim to be at the forefront of smart home technology. So far, they’re definitely leading the way. They’ve been featured in top publications around the world, including the New York Times and The Economist. With positive reviews all around and your LIFX promo code in hand, you can rest assured investing in these bulbs is a bright idea.

Make your home impressive from the attic to the basement with LIFX smart bulbs. With 16 million colors, you’re bound to find a few that fit your style and needs. Just tap the app and adjust your whole environment in a few seconds. If that sounds like something you don’t want to pass up, then use these next few seconds to find a LIFX coupon code and get busy buying bulbs.

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LIFX Coupon Code FAQs

Don’t walk into a dark house again. With LIFX, you can snap on the lights using your mobile app, helping ensure your safety and peace of mind. Don’t worry. We won’t leave you in the dark,...

Don’t walk into a dark house again. With LIFX, you can snap on the lights using your mobile app, helping ensure your safety and peace of mind. Don’t worry. We won’t leave you in the dark, either. Here are some questions you may have when using your LIFX coupon code.

Why isn’t my LIFX coupon code working?

If your LIFX promo code doesn't work, first make sure it hasn’t expired. LIFX’s bulbs may last for 27 years, but their promotional codes do not. If the code is valid, check to see if there are any special restrictions. You may need to order a certain number of bulbs to be eligible.

I purchased my LIFX light bulbs, and I’m ready to tell all my friends. So . . . how is “LIFX” pronounced?

LIFX is pronounced “Life Ex.” An easy way to remember: “My life is better without my ex, and my life is better with LIFX.”

How do I contact LIFX customer service?

Customer service at LIFX is available through an extensive online directory. It covers everything from troubleshooting the iPhone application to suggesting how many bulbs you will need to light your home.

If your question isn’t covered there, you can email (Note this email address ends with “.co” instead of “.com” seen most often.)

Do I have to pay to ship my LIFX bulbs?

LIFX offers free shipping to almost anywhere in the world. Unless you’re attempting to automate your second home located somewhere like Zimbabwe or Syria, your shipping costs are covered.

How can I pay for my new light bulbs?

The online store accepts American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Visa, and Diners Club. You can take a leaf from LIFX’s book and simplify your payment process by using PayPal Express Checkout.

 What is the cancellation or returns policy?

LIFX is dedicated to making bulbs you won’t want to return, but if you try ‘em out and they just aren’t for you, email LIFX support at (Please take note that this email address ends with “.co”). LIFX bulbs also come with a two year warranty which is explained in detail on a pamphlet that comes with your bulbs.

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By: Brent

How to Use a LIFX Coupon Code

LIFX has created a simple way to automate your home’s...

LIFX has created a simple way to automate your home’s lighting. They’ve even given each bulb a little swag - 16 million color choices and the ability to sync with your music. Getting the bulb from LIFX’s online store to your house is simple, too. Only this time we’ve supplied the swag: a LIFX coupon code. Here’s how to put that swag to good use.

Step 1: Click a LIFX Promo Code

After you get the bright idea to buy some LIFX smart bulbs, find the LIFX promotion which best suits your needs. When you click, “Get Code,” two things will happen: a new window will open to display your LIFX discount code, and your original window will be redirected to the LIFX store page.

Step 2: Copy the LIFX Coupon Code

Sometime you don't need a code, but if you do, highlight the LIFX promo code to copy it. Don’t worry. We like copycats. Leave the window open just in case you need to find the code again later.

Step 3: Hunt Down your Bulbs

The LIFX online store is easy to navigate because they only sell one thing: smart bulbs. However, they do have different styles available. Find the bulb(s) your LIFX discount code can be applied toward and click the the image to go to the product page.

Step 4: Choose your Region and Quantity of Bulbs

On the product page, choose which region you live in and which color bulb you would like to receive. Fill in the total number of bulbs and click “Buy Now” to go to your shopping cart.

Step 5: Check Your Shopping Cart

It is important you check that the amount of light bulbs in your cart is the amount you want to purchase. Each time I opened my cart while researching, I needed to correct the total before moving on. You could always keep the extras as backups, but odds are you won’t be able to find them in 27 years when the first set burns out. Click “Checkout” to continue.

Step 6: Fill In Your Information

You could fill in the next page with your eyes closed. Just supply your contact email, your shipping and billing addresses and click “Continue to the next step.”

Step 7: Paste Your LIFX Discount Code and Complete the Transaction

Just under a picture of the product you’re purchasing is the little input field we love to see. Paste the LIFX coupon code into the discount code box and click “Apply.” All that’s left is to choose your shipping and payment methods and click “Complete My Purchase.”

You’re now well on your way to bright future with LIFX Smart Bulbs. Get ready for their arrival by downloading the LIFX app for your smartphone. Have fun with your new automated lifestyle.

Happy Savings!

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